Our Process                              

We begin most projects with an on-site
meeting with you (our client), where we
explore ideas together and establish the
project scope.

We then conceptualize and analyze various
designs, working with you to result in the best
fitting solution.

From there, we have the ability to 3
dimensionally model our projects, which helps
you visualize  your new space, and allows us
to further refine the design.

Once the design solution has been solidified,
we proceed to create the Design Review
package, having worked closely with Planning
and Building officials during the design stage
to help insure the chances for a timely

Upon approval, we then focus on creating the
actual construction documents used for
building permit, bidding and final construction.

Lastly, we provide construction coordination
services in order to ensure your project is built
as designed and is done so with longevity and
quality in mind.
New Residence, Mill Valley CA
currently under construction