About HBA                                 

The design firm of Hank Bruce Architects was
founded in 1973 and is located in Sonoma,
California.  The firm has a wide range of
experience in the design of new and
remodeled spaces for commercial, office, and
residential use, with a proven track record in
high-end custom residential design.

The firm maintains its commitment to quality
design through a thoughtful response to
design challenges.  All factors -
environmental, financial, physical, and human
- are carefully considered.

We place a strong emphasis on programming,
research, planning and design during the
early stage of the project.  Alternatives are
developed on all projects and are
comparatively analyzed and discussed by the
design team and client.  

The staff of Hank Bruce Architects is a
responsive and well integrated group who
have worked together for many years.  
Teamwork, important to the individuals and
firm alike, results in good communication and
coordination between the office and client.  
The end product, a building that is responsive
to the aesthetic, budgetary and functional
requirements originally stated in the design
program, is the reward of this process.
Our office location, Sonoma CA
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